Tuesday, June 07, 2005

hello again,
prepared a glorious list for you, but, to make long short, they allow you space of only 600 characters. So had to shorten the list and take out the author's name. If you want to know author's name, write to me. Also, with Thomas Bernhard, read all his books (except for his memoir) - you can't go wrong. Same goes for all of Samuel Beckett's novels (and plays), Jiri Weil (wrote only 2 great books as his life was cut short by the Nazis), Natalie Sarraute, Jean Rhys, Flannery O'Connor. Also, didn't have room for Cesare Pavese, Juan Goytisolo, Raymond Queneau, Flaubert's Bouvard & Pecuchet, Robert Pinget. Also, Ellen Miller's Like Being Killed, and Lisa Lerner's Just Like Beauty, and Jim Krusoe's Blood Lake.


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