Monday, June 06, 2005

couple of announcements

First, thank-you to Jennifer for her commment re favorite books not listed. Well, i did write in the appropriate box: List too long, will mention favorites as I go along. But, apparently, the program didn't recognize it as answer. So, a list - long long list - will appear shortly.

My good friend and writer Roberta Allen asked me to post this for her:

Roberta Allen is offering a private 4 session Summer Writing Workshop in Chelsea.
Monday evenings 7:30 -10 PM, June 13, 27, July 11, 25.

"Roberta's exercises and insightful comments on my revised work help me discover what is most essential and true about my writing."
-Elizabeth Smith, Writer & Teacher,Brooklyn, NY

Roberta also teaches at New School University.
For info, email Roberta at and visit her website

And my good friend and artist Helene Aylon asked me to tell you all that she has to move out of her artist studio by July-end. If any of you know of a studio she can rent - she is willing to share - please let her know. The studio must be in Manhattan. Her telephone: 212-924-4133. Thanks.

I moved to West Palm Beach thinking I'll have a nice quiet life - no such luck, but am not complaining.

till later, tsipi


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